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Firstly I must admit that this site is still under construction and If I have failed to include your support here please! Write and let me know, your support is very valuable to us if I have missed your inclusion I am solely responsible as an amateur web mistress with blurry eyes...
Support is gained in many ways this might be a cash donation, a small or large job done or even just a word of recommendation
Valuable support is gained from our members with every day they spend as a part of our organization, and the parents of our nippers who take their children off to Windang beach every Sunday, and even our Nippers themselves, because they want to be a life saver...please not one of you! don't ever forget are our most important people..
But it takes a mammoth effort from so many to keep it all together, a few of the people we would like to thank are:

a list of sponsors and links to their web sites where available go here

would you like to be a part of this amazing team, or perhaps you would like to support us in any way contact ????? To find out how, we would really like to have you