introducing you to:

Windang Surf Lifesaving club:

Under Construction.....

As I have only recently taken on the task of building these pages for Windang Surf Lifesaving club, what we have here is only an outline.

here I propose to include a little about the club, when it was established, who was there, etc.
here I hope to be adding a snap shot of the club as it was
here I would like to add a snap shot of the club the way it is now

who we are:etc etc.

what we do:etc etc.

so now that we are no longer strangers feel free
to enter the water and find out what's on and how you
can be a part of it...

perhaps you already know us, maybe you would like to get to know us a little more, but we would really appreciate your support, come on in and find out how you can do this and see who already support our club (clickable picture of a door goes here)