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firstly please forgive my sloppy meeting minuits..I prommise this will be much improved by the next one..If I have missed anything that should have been included I will include a p.s as soon as I know. If I have missed any names or events please let me know
date : 2nd September 2004
time : 700pm
place: Paul's place

Paul Cable
Kerry Cuthburt  
Tammy Patterson
Sharon Stephenson

Robyn Styene
Eddie Gattas
Kell Norris

 The meeting opened with the setting and confirmation of registration for Nippers 2004
 Registration will be held on the 7th of November at Winding Bowling club 3:00
 it is suggested that a sausage sizzle will be arranged for this date

Competency swims for registered members will be held at Dapto pool on Sunday 14th and Sunday 21st November

Members who wish to participate in carnival events should register on the seniors registration date of the 19th of September at Windang bowling club 3:pm and arrange a competency swim of declaration from an authorized swim instructor prior to the commencement of the first carnival event on 30th of October

Paul has suggested that due to the possible completion date of Windang club house the beginning of this season is likely to be held at Port Kembla beach  or at the lake..more information will be available at a latter date

 beach patrols are due to begin on the 26th

 The canteen was briefly discussed

Kerry expressed willingness to attend and age managers meeting on Tuesday 21st September, Steve also indicated that he would be attending

Permission sort and granted by Steve to use a board for a 1-1 session, Kerry also granted permission. It was stressed and agreed that no groups of board training is allowed in the water without the presence of the ducky

 Windang Public school will be approached to include a notice of registration dates  for two-three weeks prior..
 Tammy will also contact the local news paper to have a notice placed before or on Monday to guarantee notice on the community events prior to registration of the seniors on the 19th September

 meeting closed...I think
8:10 pm ish...